montecatini alto


5th April 2012,

Montecatini Alto:

Back to a great love

Once upon a time there was a woman with her dreams, her taste and her will to make her shop a nice and cozy place; a place where the customers can feel at home.
Everything started with Montecatini Alto when Gaia, the youngest of the sisters, was 11. I’m talking about her because she was the one who picked the name for our store; in fact, we were all sitting at the table and we were trying to choose a name when suddenly Gaia said: “Why don’t we call it like us? Le sorelle”. We all look at her surprised but happy at the same time, because she found the perfect name for our store, so nice and familiar! So the decision was  made.
This is just one of a lot of stories linked to that store, the first one; not simply a store but a place, full of memories. A lovely place, where we spent a lot of energies in our work, but where we charged ourselves with a new and special energy that only that store was able to give us at that time. Le sorelle , thanks to my mother, became part of Montecatini Alto’s landscape, in the wonderful little square.
After this first store, it was the time of a new one, in a new place, Lucca, in a new square, much more known that the one in Montecatini Alto, which could allow us to “spread our wings”; in my mother’s heart this new experience in Lucca was just the possibility to go back one day to her “first love” and say: “ Thank to you I became what I’m now!” That’s why on April 5th, we decide to “dive into the past” reopening the store with the same mood and will of the past.