The name “Le sorelle”( the sisters) was born in our family; it came out from the mouth of Gaia, the youngest of the sisters. We’re sitting at our kitchen table, as a typical tuscan family, looking for a good name for our first shop. It’s a bit of daily and true life, of spontaneity, that you can breath even today after many years in 
“Le sorelle”. 

The genuineness of the products, result of an artisanal work that makes every piece, that you can find in the store, real and authentic; but there is something for me (I’m Chiara, the oldest sister) that makes special this “bottega”: the fact that the “team” who works in the “laboratorio” is made of us. Every product is something that comes out of our mind; 

we put our ideas in the hands of artisans who work for us to create items that could be authentic and innovative. I don’t think there is more to add, even because the feelings that you can have coming in our store cannot be described by word, this is one of the reasons why we’re waiting for you to come.